What is Be My Broker?

BMB is an online B2B booking platform for yacht owners & fleet operators. It allows to PROMOTE your fleet via yacht brokers (Agents) and MANAGE your bookings and inquiries (from direct clients) in real time with No Fees.

Be My Broker Example

Who can use BMB?

Private owners

(1 boat)
One Boat

Fleet operators

(2 or more boats)
Three Boats

Cruises operators

(Cabin or shared charters)
Three Boats

Brokers & Agencies

Companies working with direct clients

Why should I use BMB?

1) It is Free!

Right now the platform is free. So, it will cost you nothing to test and see if it works for you or your company.

2) It is Secure

OWNERS should provide proof of boat ownership (Registration & Insurance); AGENTS should provide registered company details (Website & Company details).

3) It has free API

Free API (Application Interface) allows you to link BMB booking system with your website. So, you'll be able to offer clients easy booking process and all boats listed in BMB.

Benefits For Owners

Small Boat

Increase sales

BMB shares information with major booking websites, agents and brokers. Once you list your boat it will be visible for thousands of clients.


Save time

Multiple agents will work for you to bring clients that are ready to book. No need to spend hours on the phone or numerous chats with clients.

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Benefits For Agents


Safety first

We know how scary to book a boat with a new company, that is why owners are required to upload registration documents and insurance to prove ownership of the boat.


Increase your sales

Information is everything! The more options you can offer to your clients the higher chance that they will make booking with you.

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